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Access® Bars® Practitioner Class

Aug 28, 2019 – Aug 28, 2019

This is a Practitioner Level Class. You will learn the Access Consciousness® energetic body process known as 'The Bars'®. The Bars® are 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched starts to dissipate the electrical component of thoughts, feelings and emotions that are no longer serving y...

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It's been a while! I have taken the last 6 months or so to integrate myself into Tasman life :) As you can see from my address Im now practising from the Wee Wellbeing Studio in Ruby Bay. Love to see you there.

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Essence of Life - Lunar Wai (moon rain water essence). This is one of my #essences - from my 'Essence of Life' brand - this bottle of gorgeousness was made from the wai (water) during an auspicious Super Moon rainfall in 2017. This beautiful moon energy may be wonderful for new mums - post-natal...

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Since forever Ive wanted lovely drawers for my remedies! Now I have them! Totally functional - they pull right out, are totally portable and have a small shelf above! The BEST thing though? I can stamp them with my new logo!!!
#homeopath #homeopathy #homeopathynelson #homeopathnelson ...

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2 years ago
I first met Rach when I was looking for a healthy alternative for immunization for my son. He has happily been on a regime of homeoplaxis without all those nasty fillers and needles. I have also received several healing sessions where Rach tuned into what my needs were at the time and it was magical. I love the tools she shares that keep on giving and that I can integrate them with my clients and my everyday life. Highly recommend.

How can I contribute to you? :

Hi ! 

I am so happy you are here!   Do you desire more freedom physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  Would you like to free yourself from recurring patterns of stress, worry, fear, doubt and illness?  Would you like to take the leap from survival into Thrival?  If so I would love to walk alongside you on this amazing journey back to who YOU truly Be.

I am a practising Homeopath Intuitive and love to empower you to know what you know through the Homeopathic consultation but also through Access Consciousness® tools/body processes and Reiki where and when required.   

If freedom on all levels interests on.     



I graduated from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy's 4 year Diploma course in 2013.  I practice Classical Homeopathy whilst utilising all the modern Homeopathic techniques and pathways that have become available in the last 10-15 years.   I also provide Homeoprophylaxis (Homeopathic treatment for the prevention of the development of the characteristic symptoms of chosen targeted diseases), and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (a specific therapy to heal and 'tone' whole organ systems following periods of taking pharmaceutical or recreational drugs).

Homeopathy works with the subtle energies of Life and our very own 'Life Force'.  Homeopathic therapy aims to 'match' a most similar Homeopathic medicine to your signs and symptoms physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  With that 'matching' of similarity, the theory is that the strength of the 'artificial dis-ease' from the Homeopathic medicine overcomes the natural dis-ease that is being experienced by the body - both cancelling each other out energetically.

Homeopathy is for everyone! - babies, small children, teens, adults, the elderly and for all stages of life - from pregnancy and birth through to end of life.   

Homeopathy works with acute disease and long term chronic disease and can most often be complementary to conventional or other treatment.  

Homeopathic consults can be in-person at my Nelson Clinic OR on Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world ! 

I have a selection of handmade Homeopathics for acute situations and Essences available at my Facebook Shop.   Here's the link:


I also practice Tera Mai™ Reiki Seichem - a wonderful healing Universal Energy.  Reiki is the beautiful four-fold combination of the elements - Reiki (earth), Sophi-El (water), Sakara (fire) and Angeliclight (air/ether).  These wondrous healing rays stimulate the body to heal itself through deep rest and relaxation.  

Clarity and awareness often result from a Reiki session.  Reiki can successfully be used alongside many other therapies to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.  

Reiki can be done in-person and on distance - I am happy to perform distance Reiki sessions where required.  Please enquire.

Reiki may help to relieve pain, clear blocked energy, calm shock or trauma and aid the body in healing dis-ease itself.  


I love to utilise Access Consciousness® tools and body processes with my practice.   One of the core body processes in Access® is The Bars®. 

The Bars® are 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, dissipate the  electrical 'charge' we have around certain areas of our life, for example - money, control, creativity, peace, calm, joy, sadness, body, aging - to name a few. Lifetime after lifetime we accumulate 'charge' around certain experiences and life events and these are imprinted onto our bodies in this lifetime.   Having your 'Bars® run' regularly helps to dissipate all of this charge, memories and 'data' clogging up your hard drive, which starts to create more space in your life to create differently, to function from a different place - and you no longer project your past into your future in the same way.  You are essentially 'de-fragging' your brain.  You may also experience more ease and communion with your body.

I have also trained in many other Access® body processes which can be run when your body desires and requires.

Access® tools and processes are about creating more ease in your life and living, creating freedom from old thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief systems that are no longer serving you.  If you wish to be free with more energy, space and consciousness available to you - then having your Bars® run may just be what you are after.

FIND out more about Access Consciousness® and what they offer - there are loads of free information, awesome books, courses and classes here :


I regularly hold Bars® classes.   I will update here with the current class date when I am next running one.


I love to dovetail all my modalities and utilise each or all where it is most appropriate for each individual client on any given day.  With all my modalities I function intuitively to consistently create greater and to be the most contribution I can be to you at each session.  

I am available for in-person consults in Nelson, NZ or overseas via Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world.  Location need not be a hindrance to having a session with me.  Distance payments are easily arranged through PayPal. 

Practice:   Wee Wellbeing Studio, 155 Stafford Drive, Ruby Bay, Tasman, 7005

Rachel Salter, Dip Hom, BP, BF, CFMW, Tera Mai® Reiki Seicheem Master/Teacher


SKYPE:  Rachel.Nicole.Salter

PHONE OR TEXT:  0064 021 229 6229


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